You may have multiple active Truepic inspections at the same time. It is possible to navigate between them inside the Vision Camera app. Here is a video of this in action.

Before you begin, you must have already tapped the smartlink for each inspection and opened them in the Vision Camera app. 

1. To switch between inspections, open the Vision Camera app, where you'll see one of your inspections open.

A screenshot is shown of the Vision Camera app, with a heading of Inspection. 3 questions are listed: "Show picture of couch", "Show picture of dining table", and "Do you have a couch?". At the top lefthand corner of the screen is an icon of three horizontal lines.

2. Open the sidebar by tapping the icon located at the top left corner of the screen with the three horizontal lines. From there, tap the Inspections section.

A screenshot of the Vision Camera app is shown, with the left sidebar open. The options listed are user's name, Inspections, Account Info, Support, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and About.

3. You will find a list of inspections you have opened on this device. The one you are currently viewing will have a badge marked "Current."

A screenshot of the Vision Camera app is shown. At the top menu bar, on the left, a Back button is shown. In the middle of the menu bar, it says Inspections. On the right of the menu bar, there is an Edit button. Below this, there are 2 inspections listed. The top one has a button beside it labeled Current.

4. To switch to a different inspection, simply tap on it. This will open the selected inspection and display its questions.

A screenshot is shown of the Vision Camera app, with a heading of Inspection. 4 questions are listed: "What are you looking to host?", "Do you need a domain host?", "What types of content are you looking to import?" and "Do you want to publish to Activity Pub?"

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